renos_art is now live on instagram!

Last month saw the creatin of my very own Instagram account. This presents the work I have completed since my Brain Stem Stroke in January 2016. It has been a long road, from simply holding a pen for the first time to producing my latest developed pieces of work. Please do follow me, my user name is renos_art.

My London My Stroke My Art My Recovery

My latest exhibition is now taking place at The Cinema Foyer Gallery in Borehamwood, it showcases both pre-stroke work and post-stroke work, showing my progress since the brain stem stroke in January 2016. Special thanks to Dan Kirschener for helping secure the venue and make the arrangements, and to my curators Niki Lavithis and Paul Meek. Photo credit: Paul Brolan

Partridges Cafe Exhibition

Renos's latest exciting exhibition can now be seen at Partridges Cafe in Sloane Square, Chelsea. It shows a collection of pre and post stroke art work for sale, with 50% going towards charity. Also Renos's 'My London' book can be purchased on site. Partridges is a family run shop and café, just off of Sloane Square, on the King's Road. The exhibition runs until the end of March.  

Renos update March 2017

In January 2016 Renos suffered a brain stem stroke and was diagnosed with Locked-in Syndrome (LIS), thanks to the amazing National Hospital of Neurology and Neuro-surgery, Renos's fight for survival had commenced, seeing him fight out of LIS, much to everyones amazement. His great early progress continued and his recovery has allowed him to speak and eat again, communicate …

Art Connection

Art, connection and expression. And exhibition of 4 artists living and working in North London, to be held at the Zampelas Zmart Gallery in Nicosia, next april 2016 Renos is one of the artists and he will present a mixed style and subjects of his work which include drawings, water colours, prints and oil paintings. The other three artist of the group are: Despina Symeou a painter and …

my london by renos

  My London by Renos book of drawings Metropolitan London is home to an absolute treasure of historical and popular landmarks, most of which have been faithfully and lovingly drawn by the artist, with ink and watercolour wash. This book is a compilation of those works.   A Foreword by Rt. Hon. Theresa Villiers MP; Introduction to the author and his love of London; Short intros …

Coffee Seeker return

RENOS RETURNS TO  HE COFFEE SEEKER For a Special Christmas Exhibition with fellow talented artists from the Barnet Guild, Valerie Smith and Georgina Mersh. Earlier in the year Renos exhibited solo at the Cafe with mainly local works and he attracted a lot of interest. The local MP the Rt Hon Theresa Villiers visited the exhibition and noted for Reno's work: “I was delighted to come …