Welcome to the Art of Renos Lavithis

The blue skies and the sea of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean, featuring
boats and coastal seascapes, provide the artist with continuous stimulation. They
remain the memories of his childhood and still are his most constant inspiration.

In contrast the lush and green landscapes of England such as the Lake District or
the coastal beauties of Cornwall and beyond, the cityscapes from St Albans to
Central London are just as stimulating. The “My London” works from the old haunts of
Fleet Street to the architectural excitement of Canary Wharf are the dominant
current explorations.

In general, as an artist with a great passion for preserving and exploring our natural
surroundings, anything that relates to life, human activity and the beauty under the
heavens with all the glory of form, colour and light, these find their way onto his
canvases or paper.

This website provides an in-depth presentation of the artist's ongoing explorations.

News & recent activities


MY LONDON by Renos

A major SOLO EXHIBITION of the artist's works inspired by his beloved London

at the GALLERY in the CRYPT

Dates: Monday JUNE 23 to Sunday JULY 20, 2014


           ST MARTIN-IN-THE-FIELDS next to Trafalgar Square and National Gallery  -The Gallery is situated in the spacious Crypt,

           with the added facilities of the well known  welcoming “Cafe in the Crypt”, the foyer and the workshops plus the large souvenir shop.

          - The venue and the church also offer regular Lunchtime and Evening Concerts and musical events.

Renos Lavithis is an experienced all rounded artist who lives in Barnet. One of his beloved themes is to Draw London and its landmarks.

Recently after taking an early retirement from the Daily Mail he started his Journey of London by visiting his old haunts of Fleet Street with its old pubs, and memories of his early career when he worked there as an artist. In this exhibition he will also present memories from his years he was working in the centre of the world media with drawings of places, and newspaper buildings amongst others.

My London by Renos has mushroomed into an exploration of drawing on paper with ink, pencil and wash, of London's most famous landmarks and river Thames scenes.

A selection of these works including some oils will be exhibited, together for the first time, of his works celebrating the London Olympics of 2012.



THE SCOTISH HIGLANDS - The artist toured the Highlands in early September 2012 and was inspired by the beauty that he experienced...See Works on Paper THE HIGHLANDS.

THE LAKE DISTRICT - The artist is a regular visitor to the Lake District. ...See some of his latests works on paper: THE LAKE DSITRICT

To follow soon will be works from a recent visit to Northumberland including the Hadrian's Wall and Holy Island


Some of Renos drawings, mainly those featuring London, are featured in a worldwide online gallery. Just go to www.saatchionline.com


Ordering Fine Prints or boxed canvas to various sizes is easy and inexpensive. See for yourself...